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PLTC Standing and Other Committees

If you would like to join, or would like additional information about any of the committees, please email the contact person shown below.

Committee  Contact Email Address
Public Policy Committee Cecilia Poon, Ph.D., Chair
Membership Committee Lindsay Gerolimatos, Ph.D., Chair
Nominations & Elections Committee Pat Bach R.N. Psy.D., Chair
Professional Award Committee Pat Bach R.N. Psy.D., Chair
Research Committee Craig Schweon, Ph.D., NCC, Chair
Program Committee Lisa Lind, Ph.D., Chair


PLTC has other current ad-hoc and task force committees which you can join:

Mentoring Kelly Gustafson, Chair
Standards Task Force Robert Gibson Ph.D, Chair
Student Representatives,
Student Engagement Task Force
Rebecca Young, M.S. or  
Laura Farley, M.A.
Social Media Geoff Lane, Ph.D.
Newsletter Geoff Lane, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief
  Lucas Morgan, Ph.D., Assistant Editor