Dedicated to the enhancement of mental health and quality of life for residents, family and caregivers in long-term care through practice, research and advocacy.

Who we are

Join PLTCPsychologists in Long Term Care is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of psychological practice in long-term and skilled nursing care. Functionally, cognitively, ethnically, and culturally, older adults as a clinical population are by their nature some of the most diverse clientele a clinician can work with. As a network of practitioners (but also scholars and researchers) we are psychologists, geropsychologists, students, retired psychologists, and affiliated members with strong interests in serving the increasingly diverse population of adults in long-term care.

PLTC offers many benefits to our members, including:

Note that supporting PLTC also helps to support our advocacy for the field. We are also proud of our institutional members:

Institutional Member: Psychology Consultants Inc. (PCI)

Psychology Consultants, Inc.

Serving the needs of skilled, long-term care facilities, individuals, and qualified applicants. Founded in March of 1996

​​​​​​​Institutional Member - Deer Oaks Behavioral Health Organization

Deer Oaks Behavioral Health Organization

Providing psychotherapy and medication management services to long-term care facilities across the United States and EAP services throughout North America.

Institutional Member - CHE Behavioral Health Services

              CHE Behavioral Health Services

CHE Behavioral Health Services is a leading provider of behavioral health services since 1995.

PLTC President Craig Schweon Ph.D., NCC PLTC President
Craig Schweon, Ph.D., NCC

Dr. Craig Schweon has been in practice for over twenty years as a long-term care psychologist and has dedicated his professional life to the mental health care of older adults and at-risk populations. Craig brings many accomplishments and interests to the organization and has experience in nonprofit leadership and private clinical service. Craig has been teaching a broad array of psychology and human service courses, engages in clinical supervision, and serves as the Research Committee chair for PLTC.  He has been the PLTC President since January of 2017.

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